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Backing Neo

Started proper backing of Neo at the weekend. On Saturday we went solo off the lunge line. Before this session all I'd done is sat on him and been led around a few times. On Sunday my other half took some videos of us. First on the lunge and then after we did some off the lunge work I had him walking through some cones.

I'm so pleased with how he's going. He's taking it all in his stride and is already responding to my legs (been using legs with voice which he already responds to on the lunge). We were happily walking around the school and changing the rein by the end of the session as well as winding around the cones. Also as you can here there was a horse kicking off in a field close to the school. He was having a mental moment as all his chums had gone in. Neo was perfectly calm and ignored all the fuss!

After this we finished with giving him his feed in the trailer so he gets used to loading... He'll go anywhere to get his feed!!
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