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Shire Horse Society Autumn Show, 2009

Hey everyone; it was the Wisbech Shire Horse Society Autumn Show yesterday at the East of England showground, so I was there for the day with Waldburgs. We only had two classes (with two horses, and two other horses doing cart rides for the public) so it was a pretty easy day. 6am start though, all the same!

The first class was in-hand geldings. I was entered with Boy and my boss was entered with Macey. Boy and I came 5th (possibly due to the fact that I couldn't get him to trot up in front of the judge ... it was his first show and he's only a baby so I was expecting him to muck around, not plod along like an old carthorse!), and Elf and Macey came 3rd.

Elf with Macey. Isn't he a magnificent steed?

Although even magnificent steeds need their hair sorting every now and again. :P

Myself and Boy.

Hahaha! Look how tiny Boy looks compaired to Macey (foreground)!

It's official, I walk like a retard.

Line-up of Elf and Macey, Pip and her horse whose name I don't know, and Boy and I.

Macey being a 'tard.

Getting our rosette. The lady handing them out is actually Macey's owner!

Lap of honour time and he still won't trot. :P

Macey was also leant out to another team to use in the Young Handler's Class, where he came 3rd again. In the afternoon was the Ridden Class, which was won by Elf on Boy. Macey and I came 2nd. There were only four competitors in it though!

Elf and Boy on the left, myself and Macey on the right.

Yes, he is as nice to ride as he looks. <3

Hahaha! Oki, brief back story: a few years ago I had a very nasty fall at the Spring Shire Horse Show, where my horse somersaulted with me in canter. For a while I totally lost my nerve with any pace faster than trot, and although I've recently mastered cantering in straight lines without wanting to cry like a little girl, I don't like to canter around corners. So when the steward announced that we were all to walk round the ring together, trot round together and then canter round together, I had a slight moment of terror (we don't usually have to canter except in our own shows, so I can make sure I only canter a straight line). So as you can see by my abysmal position, I pretty much just hung on and hoped for the best. :P

Look at his pretty feathers!

This would make a fantastic photo if not for my expression of "OMG SLOW DOWN", or "OMG DON'T STEP IN THAT POOOOOO".

Elf and Boy do it properly.

Oh, that's a draught mule in the background. :P

The steward had asked us to put our flights down for safety reasons (I'm on a big giant horse: bits of ribbon are really the least of my health and safety worries), but I was the only one who did so. So we looked like knobs. :P Badly turned out ones at that!

I'd just like to point out that Boy hasn't been backed that long, and this was his first show (under saddle). Beautiful horse, isn't he?

Elf gets the cup.

I get my handshake!

Thanks to my mum for a flattering photo, as always.

Oh: and this is my friend, who was at the same show (it wasn't just Shire horses, there were other shows going on for small animals, donkeys, sheep, pigs etc). She works at a zoo and this is one of their miniature donkeys, a foal called Timmy. Cuuuuute!

And a photo of my (much smaller) pony, taken Saturday morning as I walked her before setting off to spectate at the Horse Of The Year Show. The old girl seems to be under the impression that 08:30 is too early for exercise.

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