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Sponsored walk photos!

Hey all! So you may remember a post I made a while back, about a sponsored walk I was doing with my pony in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. Well, the walk was last Sunday, and we made it! Although I think it ended up being 12/13 miles rather than 11, as someone (*cough*me*cough*) may have taken a couple of wrong turns...

My pony, Pepsi, turned 25 last month, but she merrily plodded along for the entire route - although we did trail behind Beatrice, an 18hh Shire mare ridden by my friend, rather a lot! Short little legs, you know? Hehe.

I rescued Pepsi from slaughter 12 years ago as she was described as being "dangerous". She's been in semi-retirement for the past 2/3 years as I'm a little too tall and heavy for her to carry me anymore. However, I kept taking her out for walks because she's an intelligent little mare and I know that being a pasture puff would have been hell for her.

So when my best friend died in June after a brave 5 year battle with cancer, I decided that Peppi and I could do this walk in order to raise funds for a charity that my friend whole-heartedly supported. Since that initial thought, some mutual friends gave their support by walking with us, and Waldburg Shires loaned us one of their horses for the day too. I haven't got an exact amount raised as yet since money is still coming in and being counted, but we're around the £400 mark.

Anyway, enough chat - here are some photos! A few people in this community donated to our cause, and I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you for your outstanding genorosity. :) Give yourselves a pat on the back!

Pepsi did not appreciate being made to get up early and have girly plaits put in her mane. :P I used a purple ribbon as purple was Richard's favourite colour.

Here we've met up with Fee, on Waldburg Beatrice.

Haha: I have my own suncream applier. XD Pepsi does not seem impressed.

Drink stop.

Miles and miles of nothing. :| I do not live in a very inspiring part of the country.

This might be the A14, but I'm not sure. I don't suppose you really care. :P

We got completely lost and ended up in someones farmyard. Luckily, when we found the farmer, he was very nice and let us ride along on his land. Hurrah!

XD Steph's scenic view is blocked by an enormous horse arse.

Pepsi refused to step over these to begin with. There is a doorway between her stable and my feedroom, with a step just like this one: however, Pepsi will happily clamber over that as soon as my back's turned. But would she walk over this? Would she hell. It took several minutes of coaxing to persuade her.


We've arrived at our midway point - picnic time for horses!


My dad arrived with a picnic for us, and a bucket of water for the horses. Beatrice was just confused by the whole thing.

Pepsi started creepin' on our picnic instead.

How could you not want to feed that cute little face?


My boyfriend and Bea, posing together.

Group photo! :D

Pepsi will stuff her face with grass as soon as I blink, pretty much.

See, Beatrice could do it just fine.

We had to go through this underpass to get into the park; it really IS that low, which is why Fee has wisely dismounted!! XD

Pepsi: urban mare.

...Pepsi just doesn't give a shit anymore.

This is a track going alongside the racecourse. Pepsi must've known where she was 'cause she kept breaking into a trot!

Beatrice did not want to wait for us and is being naughty...

Beautiful mare. :)

Pepsi and I are playing at Little Old Ladies. :D

Me and Peps will do it in our own good time...

Waiting for us; again.

Fee stretching her legs! :P

Beatrice being naughty and not wanting to stand still again.

Fee got off and lead Bea all the way home at this point; she was too saddlesore!

Pepsi looks so tiny!

XD Poor old mare's home now and having a little sleep. :P

LOL. My mare is so pretty. XD

One more mile to go; me and Fee to take Beatrice home, and Rob and Steph to the pub to bring in drinks!

Beatrice is home!

XD It's not that bad, Bea...

This is Horace, he's recovering from cancer himself poor old boy.

This is Boy, he's a smug little git but he's gorgeous so he gets away with it.

There is nothing more beautiful than a draught horse.

And back to the stables after the pub, to give Pepsi her hard-earned dinner. :)

I've got a few random video shorts too, although I intend to put them and some of the photos into a mini sort of movie together. Here's one that I've uploaded already, though:

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