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Fundraising, ponies and Shires!

Long time no post! I'm actually here to promote a fundraising event my old mare and I are going on: on the 30th August, we will be walking approx 11 miles to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust in memory of my best friend, Richard, who passed away in June. We have also been donated a horse by Waldburg Shires for the day, who a mutual friend will be riding, and other people who knew Rich will be walking with us.

The JustGiving page is here - UK taxpayers can gift aid their donations, which is fantastic. Absoloutly any help would be much appreciated, even if it's only a quid. :)

My mare, Pepsi, is 24-years-old and was rescued from slaughter 11 years ago. Her owner at the time claimed she was dangerous. She's not: she's just a highly intelligent alpha mare who needs someone on the same wavelength! XD In fact, she climbed through her fence last night to get to the main field (she suffers from Cushings and is kept on restricted grazing), just to show you how clever she is. Naughty, but not dangerous! Lol!

Anyway - as I haven't been here in a wee while, I thought I'd update you with some recent Shire photos. :)

These photos are from a display we did at Kimbolton Show, Cambridgeshire.

Boy: tiny (as Shires go), but makes up for it in ego. XD

5-year-old Harvey.

Me and Macey looking very shocked. o_O

Macey and I out front, Comet pulling the ladies cart, and Harvey coming up behind us.

Macey out in the field afterwards!

Boy stuffing his face.

These photos are from when I was working at Sacrewell Farm, Peterborough, a couple of weeks ago.

Macey with a very itchy leg - William ignoring him. :P

I love this horse! He hasn't got a name, but I love him!

Isn't he gorgeous?

What a big chunk of hoss!

Lol, that's where the top of my head comes up to on him. He's huuuuge.

Harvey (eating the wall... :|) and No-Name.

By the by, for anyone visiting Peterborough way, Sacrewell Farm is open every day of the year except for Christmas Day. Come and see the horses! ;)

Now a couple of photos of my OAP (Old Age Pony?):

Eating breakfirst at 6am ... before I went off to spend the day with the Shires. I didn't tell her!! :P

Being a complete weirdo.

Um. Grass; I has it?

Cuuuute mare!

There were PEOPLE. Walking on the FOOTPATH. OH. MY. GOD.

Looking like she actually has a crest.

She so pretty. :)

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