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An update on Neo

Well, think he's finally sound for the first time in weeks. He was penned off in a small pen for a few weeks but as he doesn't realise he shouldn't eat it all in one go decided he'd escape on Tuesday and wouldn't be caught. Yard owner caught and briefly lunged him and he was sound so decided to leave the greedy pig out in the big paddock where he's with a small colt as they seemed happy together.

Yesterday we took him out inhand and walked along the main road. He was very good and not spooking at the cars despite being out alone. On the way back we tried to stop and let him graze by the road for a bit but he started to play up with little bucks and kicks when car went past. I'm pretty sure it was because it had started raining and the cars were making splashing noised as they passed by which he's not used to yet.

Today I got on again! He was very good and stood quietly by the mounting block with someone holding him. I rode him in a bitless bridle I borrowed from someone else at the yard. There was someone else lunging in our tiny school so I wanted to walk him out into another paddock we use for schooling. He started napping at the gate and threw a few bucks but just pushed him through it. I had no steering with the bridle in the cross under config so changed it to a side pull and it was much better. With the cross under he just leaned his head against the pressure. He's definitely not as responsive in the bitless but after walking around he seemed to get better. He wasn't shaking his head like he would with the bit. I've now ordered a Light Rider bridle on loan from here

The dentist is due at the yard on Monday and is going to have a quick look at his teeth for me. The vet did them not too long ago but I'd rather get an opinion from the dentist. I quite like the idea of bitless but may want to compete so need to get him accepting the bit.

Plan is to get someone who can walk better than me to walk/longrein him out and I'll concentrate on short ridden sessions then hack him out once he's more reliable with the traffic. Vet advised against lunging but said walking out backed in walk to build him up would be the best option as he needs to build some strength.
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