C (evil_c) wrote in goths_on_horses,

Attention seeking mare

My mare Lizzie cracks me up. She has brains and a sense of humour so does very silly things at times.
Today I was working on the fence and she wanted my attention.
This is what Lizzie did to try to get me away from the fence and get my attention.

Lizzie stands in front of the 2 water bins looking at me.
When I look at her she starts trying to pull one of the bins over with her teeth (the other bin had a hose in it filling it up).
I ignore her.
She keeps looking at me then trying to pull the bin over again.
I continue to ignore her.
She finally pulls the bin over and then looks straight at me.
I look at her but ignore her.
She puts her ears forward as I am looking at her, reaches forward, picks up the hose in her mouth, pulls it out of the other bin that it is filling up, looks at me (with water coming out of the hose still) and then drops the hose at her feet.
I look away.
Lizzie then lowers her head, sighs, and walks off.
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