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Taking a step back

Saddle/bit fitter came yesterday and had a good look at Neo. He was chompy even with a ported Myler bit which she says is very strange. She also tried a few saddles but thinks he should still mature a bit more before starting ridden work properly, she thinks this may also be why he's very chewey on the bit. He had a couple of tender spots on his back as although the saddlie I was using (a wintec VSD with CAIR) sort of fit, it was as we expected lifting up at the back.

I'm now giving him a rest until the weekend as he'd had a busy few days. She's going to come back when the yard is quiet (was several people having saddles/bits done) and try him in a few more bits. I'm now going to go back to more ground work. A lady at the yard has a few of the Parelli DVD's I'm going to borrow. I'm also going to take him out on a leadrope from another horse to get him more used to distractions out and about.

If I'd known we were going so far on Sunday I wouldn't of taken him out! It was all a bit too much for him for his 3rd outing!

I'll leave rebacking until either late summer/autumn or next spring.

Bit dissapointed at taking a backwards step, but I think its best for him at this stage. The only other option would be to push him through his missbehaviour and none of us think he's mature enough to take this. I also don't want a horse with a broken spirit. Seen them broken by lots of beatings before and the poor pony afterwards just seemed to stand there looking sad all the time.
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