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Another horse filled weekend!

Yesterday I rode Neo out on a short hack with a few others around the local nature reserve. He was pretty good. Didn't like the shiny windows in the warehouse again, but we did walk past a double decker bus without any problem. We also walked over a log that's raised up off the ground to keep scooters out of the park area and he was fine. He did have a couple of silly moments and threw a couple of big bucks but I sat to them and stayed on OK.

Today we went on a pub hack. I rode Jet a lovely safe big black cob. I didn't think Neo was going to come but Amy who is an excellent rider and experienced with youngsters said she'd ride him. I don't think any of us realised how far it was! I'm glad she was riding him as he was a little sh!t at times and was bucking and even reared a couple of times( not right up thank god!). There was 11 of us out though and I think it was all a bit too much for him as we did 6.5 miles! He was so sweaty when we got back but he still had lots of enegry and galloped off down the field after I'd let him loose!

It's only his 3rd time out and was probably a bit much. We did main roads, a bridge over a main road, a bridge over a river and some steep banks!

I've got the saddle and bit fitter coming tomorrow to make sure all his tack fits OK. I don't think its discomfort I think he's just trying his luck a bit. I think he's being the horse equivalent of a stroppy teenager!
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