Andrea (aeia) wrote in goths_on_horses,

Our first hack out!

Took Neo on his first hack out of the yard today. I was a bit worried because he was acting like a spring lamb when I rode him in the school on Friday and wasn't much better yesterday. But the weather was nice today and after the strangles outbreak we've just been cleared to hack out again.

I thought it was only going to be 3 of us, but ended up as 6! 2 of which were me on Neo hacking out for the first time and yard owner on her youngster also hacking out for the first time.

I tried not to be nervous but couldn't help being a bit nervy at first. I was worried as we have to go a short way along a busy road and out in hand Neo doesn't like the traffic coming up from behind. He was fine though, he only stepped back a little bit while we waited at the junction but on the move he was as good as anything. We did ride 2 abreast along here keeping the youngsters away from the passing cars. A noisy scooter even went past and he didn't flinch. I think he was more interested in looking at the horses reflections in the mirror like windows of the warehouse by the side of the road!

We then headed down through a housing area and into the local nature reserve. He was so good, having a good look around at everything but not spooking. The only downside is he did trip a couple of times because he was too busy looking around rather than where he was going!!

On the way back we were up front a lot of the way as he seems to like to be in the lead! Had a few little trots up hill and along the end of the road. He feels so much more balanced riding out than in the school. I'm going to concentrate on hacking for now to build up some muscle. Now the nights are longer I can ride out after work.

Next lesson.. will be hacking out alone!
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